Why choose us? 

At william rose our bespoke service and prior experience is at the very forefront of our business. Between Adrian Sinclair and Jay Williams, Directors, we have over 40 years lettings experience in the local market. We are Propertymark (ARLA) and Property Ombudsman members. Being a landlord can be a satisfying and profitable or worthwhile experience when you work with the right team. 

Letting Guide

Preparing to let
For some letting a property is an appealing investment opportunity. For others it can be accidental, either way there are various factors needing attention when preparing to let a property.
Top tip: Remember, you will be letting total strangers live in one of your most valuable assets. Choose the agent that cares.

Valuing your property

To determine the rental value of a property it is important to understand the local market and local rental demand, this is our area of expertise.
Top tip: A correct valuation should be supported by good comparable evidence, sometimes the highest valuation is not always the right valuation

Good tenants make for happy landlords
Finding a reliable tenant who will look after your property and enjoy living in it helps to avoid 90% of landlord and tenant issues. Credit checks and references are crucial, as is meeting tenants face-to-face to assess the tenant’s suitability.  If you don’t want to be involved in this part of the process william rose, can do this for you.
Top tip: Good referencing is important so you can limit any future tenant issues. The difference between one agent settling for the first tenant who wants your property and another agent being prepared to work to secure the best tenant they can find.

Right to rent checks
This immigration status check has become is a legal requirement in England. The check can usually be satisfied by taking a copy of the tenant’s passport and Visa if from overseas. If you don’t do this then you risk a hefty fine.
Top tip: Good referencing is important so you can limit any future tenant issues. The difference between one agent settling for the first tenant who wants your property and another agent being prepared to work to secure the best tenant they can find.

Health & Safety

Gas Safety All gas appliances in the property must be checked annually by a Gas Safe engineer and a copy of the Gas Safety Certificate given to the tenant(s).
Electrical Installation 5-year check Best practice is to check the electrical installation as standard.  
Portable Appliance Test (PAT) Electrical appliances are required to be tested annually.
Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) Landlords are obliged to provide tenants with an EPC to show how energy efficient the property is. 
Smoke Alarms All residential rentals require smoke alarms to be installed on each floor and carbon monoxide alarms must be present in rooms with a solid fuel appliance.
Legionnaires A Legionnaire’s assessment will also need to be carried out.
If you choose to let your property by william rose we will arrange for all the above services to be completed.
Top tip: No landlord ever consciously sets out to harm a tennat, but accidents do occur. Having the correct certificates can place the onus on the contractors.

Presenting your property for viewings
Preparing a rental property for a viewing is much the same as presenting a property for sale. The property needs to be clean with any outstanding repairs completed. It is also worth considering that freshly decorated properties are more appealing to most tenants. 
Top tip: Clean properties usaully makes clean tenants.

William rose offer pre-let advice on the best way to present your property which is included in our free market appraisal service.

Looking after your property
As a landlord you do have ongoing responsibilities to your tenant, these include keeping the property in a good state of repair and responding to all communication. Landlords who, for a variety of reasons, don’t want to be hands on will use a letting agent to manage the property instead. Factors to bear in mind when considering whether to manage the property yourself include:

  • Are you good at paperwork?
  • Do you live nearby?
  • Are you happy to communicate with tenants?
  • Can you handle adding more to your day-to-day responsibilities?
  • Do you have access to trusted and reliable contractors?
  • Do you keep up to speed with new legislation?

If the answer to any of the above is ‘no’ then choosing an experienced and specialist letting agent, such as william rose, may be your best choice.
Top tip: Good tenants don’t generally rent poorly presented properties so the better presented the property the greater the chance of attracting a better quality tenant.

Tenant deposits
It is standard to request a security deposit of 4 to 6 weeks rent from a tenant(s). This will go towards the cost of repairing any damage caused, unpaid rent and/or utility bills etc. An inventory of the property, including photographs, at check in and check out will assist in identifying any damage attributable to a tenant(s) and justify any potential deposit deductions at the end of a tenancy.
Top tip:  A detailed inventory makes a real differnce if a tenant depoist dispute occurs.

Protecting tenant deposits
Landlords must protect received deposits by placing them in a Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme within 30 days of receipt. Unprotected deposits make removing tenants very difficult. william rose is a member of Accredited Tenancy Deposit Schemes – we can arrange protection for you.
Top tip: There is a time limit on this. Worth protecting the deposit as soon as you receive it. We can do this for you.

The tenancy agreement
Almost all new residential tenancies are now Assured Shorthold Tenancies. This type of tenancy is recommended, as it will give a landlord the option to evict a tenant without needing a reason, subject to contract. The tenancy agreement will cover essential details such as length (usually 12 – 36 months), how to end the tenancy, who is responsible for breakages (tenant), repairs (landlord) and whether the tenancy can be brought to an early end (a break clause).
Top tip: Making sure the tennacy agreemnt has all the upto date legislations as these do change throughout the year.

Property Inspections
With every william rose managed (rose gold service) property we will arrange regular property inspections throughout the life of the tenancy. Any repairs or maintenance required will be detailed in an advisory report enabling you to keep your property in tip top condition throughout the life of tenancy.
Top tip: A property inspection can give you the peace of mind that the property is being looked after.

Landlord Fee's